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VAT Number: 4400105062

Company Registration Number: 99/03503/07

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First NationalBank
Account Number 62585331665
Branch Code 250655

Standard Bank
Current Account Number 289 019 4
Braamfontein Branch, Code 004805


History & Background

The company was founded in May 1985 as the ‘Peoples Computer Bureau’, subsequently (and affectionately) known to our customers as simply ‘PCB’.

This was the epoch of the beginning of the widespread use of the Personal Computer, and a time when the first affordable IBM-PC compatible Personal Computers were being produced in the Far East. We imported these and retailed to the South African region, direct to users. The innovative and affordable PC-based solutions we offered made us one of the forerunners in the Personal Computer revolution in the Southern African region. The most widespread use initially in businesses and organisations was word processing, spreadsheets, desk top publishing (DTP) and computer aided design (CAD).


In a time of great social upheaval and change, the motivation of our organisation was, and has always been, to work in areas where Personal Computers and Information Technology can make a positive & empowering difference to the quality of people's lives. For that reason, we have had an emphasis towards supplying turnkey PC-based IT solutions to NGO's, Small/Medium-sized businesses and professionals. This included many organisations that were involved in the struggle against Apartheid in the 1980's. Its also been our policy not to supply or participate in the arms industry.

We have always believed that customers need an integrated and appropriate solution, not just isolated technological appliances, or technology for the sake of the latest trend or fashion. What ever is supplied must be appropriate to the customers needs and environment. It was therefore inevitable that our endeavors grew into a plethora of services including Local Area Networking, Support Services, Internet Services as well as Training and Consulting.

Whilst the business landscape has changed over the years, our core mission remains the same: supplying quality products and services with integrity, and to try and make a positive difference. We are proud to say that we have had many long and mutually beneficial relationships with a broad range of clients.


Products & Services

Personal Computing Hardware & Software - We offer a full line of brand name PC’s and custom-built Server hardware. Since we have always strived towards balancing quality with price, we can't always guarantee the lowest price, but we can ensure that our hardware and solution are put together with the greatest care and using the best quality components. Quality Control checks are stringent, and we make sure customers receive a fully working and configured machine. Personal Computers and Servers can be supplied and built to any specification. We only source equipment from suppliers with whom we have a relationship and who we know can provide us good service and backup. We also supply a variety of good brands of Laptop computers as well as the Apple Macintosh range..

Computer Networking & Communications - PCB has many years experience with a great variety of Personal Computer Local and Wide Area Networks, from simple peer-to-peer printer sharing to multi-tier integrated systems. We were amongst the firs to introduce the concept to PC users, with hardware we imported ourselves. Currently we supply and support Microsoft and Linux systems, and are committed to installing systems that are appropriate to the customers needs and environment. We are not committed exclusively to any specific platform or operating system, and keep up to date with market and technology trends. We are happy to install and maintain the customers chosen solution, including hybrids, and whatever might be appropriate solution for the client.

The Internet - With the arrival of the Internet in South Africa in the early-1990's, the need to hook up to the wired world drove networking to new heights. As soon as commercial Internet services were introduced in South Africa, we worked to provide our clients with economical and effective access, and bundled our Internet services and products under a separate brand: WiseNet Internet Services. We are able to offer clients a full suite of Internet Services, which include most current connectivity options, as well as web site hosting, and a variety of other services.

The MilkyWay Internet Café - This was the very first Internet Cafe in Africa and the southern hemisphere and was started by PCB in 1994, and is still operating today with a variety of walk-in Internet services, including very economical Internet use, and the most important ingredient: personal service. An offshoot of this is the non-profit MilkyWay Foundation, through which we do technology and science outreach work, as well as facilitating and assisting needy students with tertiary education.

Workshop & Technical Services - We have a fully equipped workshop and a large inventory of PC spares, as well as technicians who can attend to most repairs. Where necessary, we send out to the vast network of third party service providers we have established over the years. We seek to make an assessment of all incoming jobs within 24 hours and we offer a three month guarantee on repairs.

IT Support Services - Our Support Services have become a major part of our business and in response to customers needs in out-sourcing support services.

Our focus with Support Services is to establish Service Contracts with our regular customers. This comprehensive service package results in a commitment from ourselves for regular service according to the needs, as well as response times and even full out-sourcing of IT servicing and support needs, yet maintaining person service at all levels. Our services include a Support Desk, with a number of staff to support our service requirements.


Directors & Shareholders

Bruce Gillespie BSc Elec Eng (Wits), GDE (Wits), MSc History of Science, Technology & Medicine (Imperial College, University of London)




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