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PCB News, Summer 2014




First of all apologies for the lateness of this email, the winds of change have been howling at PCB HQ. Our Support Services Contracts business and most of the team joined Hambisana Technologies a few months ago, and the transition has gone smoothly. PCB Tech continues independently, albeit downscaled and diversified.

Whilst we will not be offering Support Contract SLA’s, we still do Sw!ft On Site and Remote Support Services, source, supply and install the complete spectrum of Information & Communication Technology products, and most essentially, offer our 30-year expertise in the field of IT and Electrical Engineering, as part of the deal. Brands we favour include HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and we can build to your own specialised specifications and requirements. We also do Audio-Visual systems design and installation, as well as CCTV and Intrusion Detection / Alarm systems.

Under WiseNet Internet Services, we offer a boutique of Internet Services, including a wide range of ADSL accounts (including the latest 40 Mbps VDSL), Web Site hosting and set up at at very reasonable rates, Email accounts hosting, (user@wisenet, ngo.co.za or your own domain),  and Domain Name registration and hosting.  Advice and consulting on Social Media is one service we offer that you might need as well. We have also been building up a library of self-help TechDocs (such as how to trouble shoot “No Internet”) available on our web site under WiseNet.

An essential element of the repertoire of our services is TechKnow Consulting. Here we can assist with independent and critical IT consulting, specifications and systems design, assistance with IT HR and Project Management. Informed and critical Second Opinions can be of vital importance .

We are still based in Rosebank, although now in the same venue as the MilkyWay Internet Café, increasing the synergy of our operations. On the cards is diversification into Alternative Energy: P-V and Off-The-Grid Power systems design and installations, under the banner of e-africa.

Windows XP has now officially reached EOL (End Of Life, a convenient term often used by the IT industry to sell you an new product), however the truth is that the venerable and reliable XP is 'tickets', and that you will find that you are going to have issues running new software, which wont be compatible, so its important not to be left behind in this regard.  If you are a home or SOHO users on a tight budget, you might consider some of the excellent deals we have on refurbished brand-name PC’s and Laptops we offer, and which we use ourselves. These can really be considered as good as new, with current specs, and often ½ the price of new equipment, and supplied with a 12 month warranty. Mostly they come with  Windows 7 Pro 64, which is compatible with the latest Windows 8 environment. Please remember that we will always honour our pledge to offer you the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

We also regret to have to advise you that Mrs Anusha Naicker no longer represents PCB in any capacity, and she has not received our permission to deal with our customers independently.

Thank you for your support and please get in contact if we can be of any further assistance.


    Bruce Gillespie



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